Distribution, Promotion & Production

Masani Productions, Distribution and Production are here to help propel our artists within their career path. Whether you are a musician, singer or song writer we will help promote and distribute your content through multiple channels and platforms to help your product get into consumer hands.


Masani Productions will help teach you about different distribution channels while getting you in touch with the right people to help your creative content get out to the public. We will focus on helping you showcase your music to the world, while we help you take care of distribution we will focus on promoting you and your music.


Masani Productions is all about connections and opportunities.


Here at Masani productions we know that a promotion strategy is going to be something that you refine over time so that the way the content is promoted will mold you, so don’t get frustrated if things take some time to come together. The important thing to remember is that we will be taking advantage of all the different promotional tools that we have at our fingertips as opposed to just relying on just one thing. Our aim is to build awareness, create interest, and generate sales.