Masani Montague The Artist

Masani Montague,BA(Hons),MES

Masani Montague is a playwright, novelist, journalist, and youth worker active in the Rastafari and Black communities in Toronto for the past 41 years. She has written, directed, and produced several stage plays, radio plays, video documentaries and music videos. She is the author of the novel, Dread Culture published in 1994 and reprinted in 2018. The plays are as follows: Up on Eglinton, Breakout!, Soundclash, Reasoning with my Sisters, Danger to the Public and A Night to Forget. The video documentaries are as follows: Youth Against Violence and Cycle of Violence.


She co-coordinated the First International Rastafari Conference held in Toronto in 1982; co-coordinated the Second International Rastafari Conference held in Jamaica in 1983 and coordinated the month-long Rastafari program, Voice of Thunder: Dialogue with Nyah Binghi Drummers. She has a diploma in Journalism from Humber College, BA(Hons) in Creative Writing and MES in Environmental Studies from York University. She is currently completing her Masters Degree in Education at York University.



Owner of Masani Productions for the past 38 years Masani is the coordinator of the annual reggae music festival, Rastafest for the past 25 years; coordinator of the annual multidiscipline women’s festival, SistahFest, coordinator of the annual Canadian Reggae Music Conference and the artistic director of Upfront Theatre Foundation for the past 18 years. Masani has received many awards for her work in the Rastafari community in Toronto including the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 and the Order of York, Centre Award in 2015.

Masani is also a mother of two.



Playwright-activist Masani Montague sparks thought-provoking dialogue on deportation with Danger to the Public play.

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Masani Montague – Artist in the Classroom

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Masani Montague – Director of the play, Reasoning With My Sisters

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